Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Lol... Artist Depicts How Donald Trump Would Celebrate If He Wins US Election

With the whole world watching with koro koro eyes on the development of how the US presidential election is proceeding, an artist has decided to create a comic painting of how Donald Trump would celebrate if he is declared the winner.

British photographer, Alison Jackson has come up with images that look almost real but it is not his real face. lol

She decided to paint him in immense joy as he 'invited' a couple of women in bikini to celebrate with him by dancing and twerking on him in almost real images.

Artist Alison, 56, is famous for using lookalikes to create images,.She said she has been stunned by the insult-ravaged election – considered the most bitterly fought in modern American history. She said:

“It’s a bad reality TV show,“And Donald Trump is the ultimate reality star, ahead of Kim Kardashian.”As president he would be a catastrophe,” she said. 

“An artist’s job is to raise questions about people wanting power. I hope I can do that because we are hitting the realm of dictatorship and that is worrying.”

See more pictures below:

Alison is wicked sha... like WTF!

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