Saturday, 5 November 2016

Saturday Laughs... PART ONE

Happy Happy weekend everybody! Enjoy the pictures:

Round one pictures are very short so decided to add quite a number of jokes to occupy more of your time. Enjoy!

(1).Dear girls,
If u can put flowers on ur head with instagram and snapchat but can't hawk ugu for ya mother...close ur eyes lets pray for u.. 🏾


(2)People shud see your natural looks first bfore your make-over n b like "whaooooooo, she's so beautiful... than seeing your make-over bfore your natural looks, they be like, "ewwwwwwwww... choi, ogini di ihia????

(3).I decided to go and chill out in Mr Biggs when I saw one guy with his girlfriend enjoying themselves. Not too long, in front of them was the waiter with the bill which was about 20k.

To my surprise the girl quickly opened her purse brought out 21k, paid and told the waiter to keep the balance. After the waiter had left, the guy started asking her, baby why didn't u allow me to take care of the bills. It was then the girl said something that impressed me, she actually told the guy that she's not after his money that the only thing she needs from him is his love, care and attention. Almost immediately, I heard a voice''cut! cut!! cut!!! cut!!!!! It was the director and right behind me was the camera man, it was then I said to myself "Okaaaayyy" I for fear oooo. Na movie dem dey shoot, no wonder !!!!!!! because de last time dis kind thing happen for real life na 1900 during the time of Lord Lugard.

Na so Benin Babe mistakenly step on her iphone7 as e dey charge am for ground...she hear Craaaacccck...she quickly pray for her mind make e be say na her leg break...

A woman called the police station one evening and said, "My husband has gone out with a girlfriend and right now am going after them. I have a gun and when I find them, I will kill both them right away". The police asked, "Where exactly have they gone?".

Woman :They went to watch a certain Comedian show.

The police rushed quickly and went to the place and make sure they arrived earlier than the woman. When they reached the place, they took the mic from the Comedian and start announcing, "If there is a married man here and has come with a girlfriend,you must leave immediately. Your wife is coming right now with a gun to shoot both of you dead".

The police were surprised that the door became small as everyone was running out and the show ended because even the Comedian himself ran out!!!.😂😂😂

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