Thursday, 3 November 2016

See Before and After Photos Of People Who Stopped Drinking (PICS)

If you are thinking of how to run away from alcohol in your life, these pictures can serve as an inspiration.

Baring in mind how much alcohol can drastically change a person's look after a period of time, a Dr decided to abstain completely from any dose of drinking for a period of six months to see how his body would change.

With the positive results he got, he shared his before and picture pictures of how he used to look like versus now. With that, it inspired others to follow suit and share their own versions of their look.

Dr. Dan pictured above posted and wrote thus:

"In the first photograph, I found myself alone, nearly 300lbs, in an extraordinary amount of credit card debt and without a job, and, thankfully, at the tail end of a six-year-long bender of drinking a fifth every day while often contemplating suicide, supporting my fellow alcoholic and abusive partner with just my below-poverty-line income, and fighting to complete my PhD.Here I am last month, down to 180lbs, almost done with my first year sober, zero debt, engaged in a great career, and having found myself a caring, loving, non-drinking partner who I am very excited about. Heck, I'm even closing on a little cabin in the woods this month. I'm going to be a landowner."

See pictures from other people:

See the eyes on some of them... Really tells they used to be heavy drinkers....

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