Thursday, 3 November 2016

See What a Guy Did To Lady Who Was Forming Hard To Get Online

So once in a while, a lady can see a strange number popping up on her social media, where a guy wants to chook head to see if he can scope her. It is normal to form for strangers but what this guy did to her is sort of epic.

So the guy opened up to her that he got her number from a form she filled at a public function and she began denying she is single and threatened to report him to the boss of the organization.

Well after she underrated him and all, he revealed his 'true' identity which made her antenna rise and decided he would have her full attention.

See more of the chat below:

Why i put apostrophe in the boss in the third paragraph is because he might be a sharp player who lied just so she would get all desperate over him.

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