Wednesday, 30 November 2016

With New Data Prices, The Federal Government Wants Us To Start Sending Text Messages Again

One of the major breakthrough in the areas of technology and telecommunication in Nigeria is not the advent of the coming of the Global System Mobile (GSM), but the ability for us to contend favourably with the international community in the use of many ICT gadgets in solving many daily tasks.

This has been greatly achieved with the use of the internet where Nigerians are able to get many useful information to better their lives and get updated about happenings in their environs and the global scene at large.

Unfortunately, the Federal Government wants to limit our usage of the internet with the insane increment of data tariff, which Nigerians struggle to get on a good day. In a country where we have been faced with series of hard time from both past administration and this brutal administration, one can't help but wonder what the current government is thinking of doing to ease the prices of commodities they purchase.

In this hard time of recession, the one thing Nigerians find to console themselves is the use of social media where they vent out their anger and frustration about issues affecting them. Social media has become our catharsis for preventing us from unleashing violence in the real world. Personally, i feel it is way better than causing physical violence in the streets.

With the way things are going, we would end up seeing our smart phones as nokia 3310 where one would be simply making and receiving calls without making full use of the functionalities of the phones we struggle hard to purchase.

The major reason the NCC claim they are increasing price of data is to allow upcoming network providers to compete with the network giant. When i read that, i was like WTF! In my commerce class back in secondary school, i was taught that government give incentives for alleviation of taxes and other fees they would pay for a period of time, to give them a balance setting to survive (i stand to be corrected). Nothing like that is happening but instead, the government wants us to pay heavily to ensure their survival. 

Is it by force for them to be in existence if they do not have what it takes to be in business? It seem to me that the likes of N-Tel is owned by a big politician who has invested so much and does not want the company to die. This new policy will end up killing many businesses who depend on the internet in dispensing their services to the public. Before person say i dey reason selfish, it is not only bloggers who use the internet.

There is practically nothing that has benefited the common man since the current administration took power last year. Everything has been on the high side and last time i check, democracy is supposed to favour the majority.

In summary, it would be a big shame to revert us back to the days of Obasanjo when GSM was introduced in Nigeria as all we had to do with mobile handset was to make calls and send SMS. May God help us... talk about bringing us back to the olden days. Shior!

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