Wednesday, 9 November 2016

This US Election Is Too Boring For My Liking... Here Is Why

This United States election is too boring for my liking. Since yesterday, one did not even hear of anything tough sef. 

  1. No diverting of election materials 
  2. No ballot box snatching 
  3.  No report of rigging 
  4.  No cancellation 
  5.  No bribing of officials 
  6.  No forging of fake voters cards 
  7.  No shooting 
  8.  No police pursuing thugs 
  9. No money sharing 
  10.  No results circulating 
  11.  No forging of result sheets 
  12. No fighting at polling units 
  13. No card reader problems 
  14.  No violence 
Imagine! No drama...Na Presidential Election be this one so? Which kyn election be this? 

In another news, where is TB Joshua right now?

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