Saturday, 12 November 2016

You Will Not Believe What This Giant Looking Fish Is Meant For (PICS)

One would think this giant looking fish you see in the picture is a sculptural work meant for some sort of exhibition. In actuality, this is a coffin where someone was buried in it.

According to Essien Ndueso, the Special Assistant to the Akwa-Ibom state Governor on Media, an Akwa-Ibom man opted to "swim to the great beyond' in a fish shaped casket.

He witnessed the carting away of a dead body in a coffin along St Luke Hospital in Akwa Ibom and could not help but marvel at his vision.

Via facebook, he had this to say:

"Could it be that the man loved eating fish, or he was a fisherman or came from the great 'Iyak' family? I witnessed this scene on Nwaniba road this morning around St Luke's Hospital. Note, i didnt say the man turned into a fish o, i only saw a fishlike casket.. perhaps my friend Uwemedimoh Umanah who owns a fish farm and also loves fisherman soup can explain this better why a man would choose to swim to eternal glory. Happy weekend folks"

More photos after the cut:

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