Tuesday, 15 November 2016

You Will Not Believe What a US Official Called Michelle Obama (PICS)

Really, when one is in any leadership position, one has to be careful with people under him or her as you never know how they truly feel about you. A good number of them majorly kiss ass and show you their true colour when you are no more leader.

This is exactly what the The director of government-funded non-profit, Clay County Development Corp. Pamela Ramsey Taylor, did when she used Facebook to express her joy that Donald Trump is now the President-elect.

It was in the process that she also insulted current first lady, Michelle Obama by calling her an 'ape in heels'.

This post attracted the attention of the mayor of Clay, a small town near Charleston in South Carolina. The mayor, Beverly Whaling replied with the comment, “Just made my day Pam.” 

With this, the posts went viral and a call to remove them in office before the order of the day when a petition was written against them. 

By implication, Pamela was removed from office and Beverly issued an apology to the Washington Post over her action.

For reals men,.. Who looks more like an ape between Pamela and Michelle?... and Michelle might have this type of reaction below:

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