Sunday, 18 December 2016

Things To Be Thankful For If You Stay in Nigeria

The year 2016 has been one hell of a bumpy ride for Nigerians staying in the country as we have witness many trauma that is shaking the stability of the nation.

Where does one start from? From increment of fuel from N97 to N145, to the economic downturn which has led to recession for many months now, to Fulani men killing Nigerians in different states, to Biafra agitation etc. The list keeps going on and on. Notwithstanding, we have shown great resilience and endurance which still makes us stand as a whole.

Even though the year has not been a bed of roses, there are several things we should be thankful we hold dear, as a lot of improvement have been done on.

The list goes thus:

1.  Nigerian jollof rice: is probably one of the tastiest meals there is in the whole continent of Africa, especially when paired with grilled or fried chicken and plantains. Those who live in Nigeria have to be grateful for the meal, especially as you can get decent Jollof pretty much anywhere in Nigeria. I mean, even countries outside Africa appreciate the worth of Nigerian jollof. No be achievement?

2. Good Entertainment From good music to fantastic Nollywood movies, when it comes to entertainment, Nigeria has good representation. You can hardly get bored in that aspect. Foreign artistes have done more collaboration with local Nigerian artistes as regards music and a lot of Nigerian movie directors and producers have invested more in movies to ensure they are of higher quality and can not only compete with movies from other parts of the world, but also gain accolade as well.

3. Small and Simple Pleasures of Life: Despite the recession and all, it has helped in making people cutting their coats according to size as we now go back to the basics on how to enjoy life. Some children now get to see their parents often especially when parents have to decide whether they should spend extravagantly on wedding events or just stay at home, since money is not what used to be life. This is helping to unite family to enjoy the basics of family unity.

4. You are alive: One should be grateful that we can still eat, walk, talk and perform the normal things humans do on a normal day. It shows hope that there would surely be better days. Those who are currently buried six feet under the ground do not even have hope of making better of themselves because judgment awaits them when the time is right.

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