Saturday, 17 December 2016

Jokes: Hot Dog

So Olamz has been wooing this lady for a very long time. He had been asking her for a date and after like two months of pressure, she finally agree to his demand.

He took her to a joint where they were to go eat. The following conversation ensued between them and the waiter on duty

Waiter: Good evening, please what do i bring to the table for you?
OLAMZ: Baby what do you want to eat?
Girl: Whatever you eat, i will eat as well.
Ola: I am insistent, you take your pick. Anything for you darling.... 
Girl: Ok, i will have two hot dogs please.
OLAMZ: Ahn ahn sweetheart, (confused) shey i told you that i do not like dogs.
Girl: As In??? I don't get you
OLAMZ: Not to mention two hot ones. Why would they even put a dog in hot water and bring for you to eat sef?

We shaa had dinner of our own favourite foods and i dropped her home. I had not driven for up to five minutes when i decided to buzz her on whatsapp. I noticed she already blocked me and refused to pick my calls.

Egbami... What have i done wrong? Should i go to her house and check on her?

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