Friday, 9 December 2016

Jokes: If Football Was Like Nollywood

If Football was like Nollywood Movies. One day thunder will strike and Cristiano Ronaldo will fall on the pitch and starts shouting, "I will confess!, I will confess!, please oh, I will talk oh, I tied Kaka and made him lose form". 

Spectators: Heyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! 

Cristiano Ronaldo continues: I also used the charm I got from Portugal to tie down Bale, just to make sure he doesn't perform better. 

Cristiano Ronaldo coughs and continues: I cursed the Jersey number 7 in Manchester United so that any player that wears it will become a dummy like Michael Owen, Anthony Valencia, Angel Di Maria, Memphis Depay. Please don't give that Jersey to Rashford, unless...... 

Spectators: Heyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! 
Coach: ARUU!!!! ABOMINATION!!!!! 
Cristiano Ronaldo continues: I tried to kill Messi by frustrating him during the Copa America and also taking him to jail. But it was his God that backfired it. My body is burning, fire oh, fire oh, I have confessed, I have confessed. 
Spectators: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! 

Messi with Bible and Chaplet in his hands will start crying on hearing the last words. He would say in tears, "What did I do to deserve all these?". Iniesta, Neymar and Suarez will start consoling him. LMAO 

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