Tuesday, 13 December 2016

MMM Really Timed Nigerians Well

This morning, i got quite an amount of whatsapp messages from various MMM participants lamenting bitterly about how MMM has ruined their December with the freezing of their accounts. I got to know that the ponzi scheme has left a note to Nigerians that they are restructuring for a month and promise all operations would be back to normal.

This is a major blow to all stakeholders of the scheme, who invested so much for them to celebrate the Christmas and new year in a big way as their money would be on hold until MMM unfreeze it.

Anybody who care to ask my opinion when all ponzi schemes became mega popular would know that i for one, have never been in support of investing N1 in it. I always had premonition that November/December would be a period where they (MMM and the likes) would show their true colours with claims of having issues with their site.

This is eminent when ultimate cycler prevented people from login in under the guise of rebranding their site to cater for more Nigerians. MMM has followed suit as those who invest in hundreds of thousands are currently in mega panic mode as they wonder what their fate is with their investment.

Unfortunately, it is possible MMM wants to reap their bumper harvest since they do not have a well defined way of making money from the site. 

Nigerians... We know things are hard. Those type of investment are riskier than normal capital investment, since these owner do not have a visible office to hold them accountable to, nor official legal backing in the country. Tell me if you can sue them if anything happens to your money.

Nigerians refuse to learn from countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe who have also mourned their losses in the hands of these people. It is such a pity we love AWOOF too much!

My sincere sympathy goes to all investors. Let us just pray that you would be able to retrieve your capital back. but this is serious bad market

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