Friday, 9 December 2016

My Opinion: Solomon Dalung Get Sense So?

Yesterday evening, i went about my usual ritual of scouting for news to read for the day. My night was ruined when i saw the Nigeria's Sports' Minister, Solomon Dalung trending all over social media. I just knew that nothing positive would come out of it.

It beat my imagination to a large extent how some people are experts are dishing out rubbish to the public before they realize the damage they have caused. This is exactly what the minister did when he 'mistakenly' uttered that the Super Falcon were not paid their allowances after playing for the African Women Cup of Nations (AWCON) because he did not expect them to win.

I mean... Who in God's name says such? Government who ought to motivate them in ensuring they represent Nigeria and bring home glory of the cup, is the same one who is an expert at dowsing the dreams of these female footballers who strive hard in the field to increase the popularity of Nigeria in Africa in the aspect of football.

With events like these, how can one be gingered to play for Nigeria in any sporting activity? Let us not forget the time when Mikel Obi had to sponsor the super eagles and the controversy of the $315,000 gift they got. 

One can only imagine how these women felt when they heard his statement. It almost sounded like they were used and dump in a canal like as if they are hit and run objects. 

Well... What does one expect from someone who knows nothing about sports?  Someone who cannot differentiate the street life and the life of a public figure. This is the kind of behaviour we expect from them. Does he think he is still in the prison service where our athletes are prisoners that he can treat like slaves? I wonder if his brain was soaked in jik when he was appointed minister.

If he does not have the decency to apologize to the Falcons, he should admit his flaws and ensure he does the needful in making peace with them. This morning, he started shifting blames to the NFF for making him utter such. Lord! (Let me not say what is on my mind before i get arrested).

Well welcome to Nigeria, where everything goes... Where a barrister is appointed to be a minister of sports and the Federal Government believe he would deliver the mandate given unto him.

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