Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Oh Dear!!! Unilorin Website Gets Hacked Again

Just this morning, i decided to surf Unilorin homepage to check out some information on their website. I discovered that it has been overrun by hackers again.

This new hackers call themselves 'Ghost Hackers' from Indonesia and Pakistan and have decided to cover the homepage of the website with a date March 23rd.

From the content of what they left, it seems like a group of Muslim Hackers are trying to pass a message to visitors of websites declaring their commitment to achieve independence of Muslim states.

See screenshot of how Unilorin website looks like now:

This problem was noticed for a few minutes on my devices but it seems the hacking issue has been disappeared mysteriously.

It would be recalled some months back that the website faced such problems and a Nigerian claimed responsibility of the temporary downfall of the website.

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