Sunday, 4 December 2016

This Couple Dated For Ten Years and Are About Getting Married

With patience, endurance and perseverance, one would still get whatever destination he is meant to be in.

It is amazing how a couple are able to date each other for a whooping decade before they thought about the knot in holy matrimony.

Ola and Temi are getting married on 10th December, six days from now. Read their beautiful love story:

It all started in my dad's church many years ago. He and his family members joined our church newly. He knew how to play the talking drum while I could sing, so we were both in the choir but we didn't use to talk to each other.

On our church anniversary day, he walked up to me and asked for my phone number. I immediately gave it to him without hesitation and we started communicating from that day. I believe we can all remember those good old days of MTN extra cool. It was fun because he taught me how to love because I never knew how to love before he came into my life. He is my first and last love.

I started developing feelings for him till I fell head over heels in love with him. Then he travelled back to Kano and I was afraid he won't come back. As God would have it, he came back and our love continued.

Along the line, faced several challenges and oppositions.

One fateful Sunday evening, my parents sent my elder sister Mrs Bukola Davies, Adepemi and Blessing Adegorite to go and scare him to stop dating me. And at this time, his mother and elder sister were in Lagos to visit his elderly brother, (Prophet R.O Ikotun). Thank God his brother was not at home because it would have been a different story that day. But His elder sister showed them hell and their plans failed.

My parents gave me the beating of my life that same night I fainted and all my body were full of marks and stain of blood but to no avail.

To the glory of God, admist all the oppositions, we sailed through and here we are today.

There's this common saying that "Man proposes and God disposes". It can also be the other way round. God can propose and man may try all he can to dispose it but will always fail. Whatever God has destined to be would be no matter the amount of stones thrown at it.

Story ends... Wouldn't be awesome for modern couple to properly get to know each other and allow their love bloom to a level where they are sure it would last a lifetime? Unlike these days where you see someone online and decide 'make i try am, after all... he looks loaded and cute' or he says 'make i try my luck, see bobby abeg'. lol.

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