Monday, 5 December 2016

This Is Why You Should Not Fight With Your Spouse For Long

Dealing with someone you are in a relationship be worse than a regular white collar job. It can never go smooth as couple tend to have a major fight at a point in their lives.

There would always come a point when the man or woman would want to quit talking for a long period in a bid to punish the other.

Now this lady now regrets why she decided not to keep in touch, despite his plea for forgiveness. Major reason is because he is now late and there is no way they can be together to make amends to the lost times.

She took to social media to express her sorrow and wished deeply he could return to the world so that they can continue from where they stopped.

She also shared pictures of their last conversation they had when he was doing the begging and all she was doing through out was snubbing. Read below

Oh well... Such is life... If you are current beefing bae, better run back to him or her to kiss and make up ooo. Life is too short to hold any negativity to heart!!!

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